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AHS Ladies Fall Luncheon date has been Changed

Mark your calendars!!

Please make a note of this date change:

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

11:30 to 1:30

Austin Woman’s Club
708 San Antonio Street

Contact:  Kay Wilson for reservations


Don Baylor, Class of 1967

Don Baylor, the former Major League Baseball power hitter who won a World Series championship in 1987 with the Minnesota Twins and went on to manage the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs, died Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, of cancer in his native Austin, Texas. He was 68.

Baylor had multiple myeloma, or blood cancer, according to multiple news sources.

Baylor played for the Baltimore Orioles, California Angels, and four other AL clubs: the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, and Boston Red Sox.

When the Rockies were added to the MLB along with the Florida (now Miami) Marlins during the 1993 expansion, Baylor was hired as the manager. He managed the Rockies until 1998. In 2000, he managed the Cubs for three seasons.

Donald Edward Baylor was born June 28, 1949. He played baseball and football in high school. Baseball won out.

The Orioles drafted Baylor as a second-round pick in the 1967 draft. He made his MLB debut Sept. 18, 1970, with the team. After playing for the Orioles until 1975, the outfielder was traded to the Oakland Athletics before the 1976 season.

Baylor entered free agency in 1977, signing with the Angels, where he played until 1982. He went on to play for the Yankees from 1983 to 1985, the Red Sox from 1986-to 1987, the Twins for a season in 1987, and back with the Athletics in 1988 before retiring as a player.

Baylor won a World Series ring in 1987 when he was with the Twins. He hit a home run and had three RBI during the Series.

Baylor was named an All-Star in 1979. The left fielder’s prowess as a plate-crowding power hitter earned him the Silver Slugger Award three times, in 1983, 1985, and 1986.

The Yankees shared the team’s condolences via social media.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of former Yankee Don Baylor,” the team tweeted. “He was a great man & we send our thoughts to his family & friends.” The post was accompanied by a photograph of Baylor from his playing days.

The Cubs also mourned Baylor’s death and sent condolences via Twitter “to his family and friends.”

Former Oriole player Ken Singleton tweeted, “Very sad last few days as baseball loses 2 strong leaders of the past, Darren Daulton & Don Baylor. Two old school tough baseball players.”

Daulton, the former Philadelphia Phillies legend who won the World Series in 1997 with the Marlins, died Sunday. He, too, had cancer.

Thank you Alumni

Thank you AHS Alumni for the outstanding response to our recent email. Hundreds of updates were made to contact information and many of you responded by joining the Alumni Association. These funds are used to promote excellence at AHS and provide assistance to the Hall of Honor in their endeavor to preserve artifacts in the archives. We wish to thank our newest members for their support of the Association. Memberships are $25.00 for 1 year and $250.00 for a lifetime membership.

Our newest members/renewals:

Thomas Schieffer – Lifetime Membership
Amy Allen – Alumni Membership
Lucy Hardin – Alumni Membership
Kathryn S. LaGrone – Lifetime Membership
Theresa Maldonado – Alumni Membership
Nancy Harper – Lifetime Membership
Leslie McConnico – Lifetime Membership
Brittan King – Lifetime Membership
Pam Reed – Lifetime Membership
Charles T. Rogers – Lifetime Membership
Duke Covert – Alumni Membership
Michael Hines- Alumni Membership
John David Holmes- Lifetime Membership
Meagan Thompson- Alumni Membership
Todd Hilliard- Lifetime Membership
Thomas Schieffer – Lifetime Membership
Barbara Benson-Padgett – Lifetime Membership
Dan Lundquist – Alumni Membership
Jim Davis – Alumni Membership
Michael Marks – Alumni Membership
William R. Ward – Alumni Membership
Carolyn Sparenberg Russ – Alumni Membership
Elizabeth Harper Bouffard – Lifetime Membership
Jamie Holman – Alumni Membership
Elizabeth Milburn – Lifetime Membership
Jim D. Wynn – Lifetime Membership
Mike Holloway – Lifetime Membership
Doug Fell – Alumni Membership
Joel Billingsley – Alumni Membership
Ann Pieratt – Lifetime Membership
Emily Landry – Lifetime Membership
Kate Trimble Allen – Lifetime Membership
Victoria Burgess – Alumni Membership
Glenna G. Harris – Lifetime Membership
Toni Moore – Alumni Membership
Jerry Bell – Alumni Membership

Donate your Class Ring

Austin High School is proud to claim that we have the 2nd largest class ring collection – 2nd only to Texas A&M University. We would love to add rings from missing years to the collection and need your help. Please consider donating your ring to the collection to complete the following years:
1917, 1929, 1982, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2001, 2005-17.

We send our thanks to Ty Wheeler for donating his 2001 class ring to the collection. This act of kindness and his generosity are greatly appreciated.

Contact Jenna McEachern with questions or suggestions.

Local Businesses Supporting SFA’s Hall of Honor


Ronald Beauford, Sr., AHS Faculty Member

The Austin American Statesman reported the death of former AHS faculty member Ronald Beauford on February 18, 2017. Mr. Beauford was a very dedicated and beloved educator in the Austin ISD starting his career as a biology teacher and then Dean of Boys at Austin High. He went on to be Assistant Principal and then Principal at Murchison Jr. High until 1972. He was Principal of LBJ High School from 1972-1981, when he was made Principal of Anderson High School where he brought the first International Baccalaureate Program to AISD. His last two years before retirement were spent as Director of Technology for Austin ISD, bringing the school district into the computer era.

In Memoriam 2016

We mourn the passing of AHS alumni over the past year.

Thank you to Kaye LaGrone, class of 1964, who researches and provides this report

Class of 1945: Harold Denton Loftis, CW4 (Ret) died 20161230.
Class of 1947: Thomas Wesley White died 20161227.
Class of 1982: Glenn “George” Capps died 20161225.
Class of 1958: Sharon Gayle Noble Hammer died 20161217.
Class of 1948: Will David Davis, Sr. died 20161212.
Class of 1948: Octavio Tripp Garza died 20161201.

Class of 1941: Walter E. White, Jr. died 20161129.
Class of 1945: Robert B. “Bob” Blackstone, Jr. died 20161127.
Class of 1960: Terrance Joe “Terry” Lundell died 20161122.
Class of 1941: Bess Emily (Achilles) Allred died 20161121.
Class of 1948: Earl Webb Mayfield died 20161119.
Class of 1940: Hume Cofer (given name George Hume Cofer) died 20161113.
Class of 1977: Bret Banister died 20161111.
Class of 1938: Billy Howard Amstead died 20161110.
Class of 1950: Ruby Nell (Youngblood) Wright died 20161106.
Class of 1963: Randolph George “Randy” Mueller died 20161101.

Class of 1949: Dorthy Ann (Fritts) Albright died 20161028.
Class of 1947: Celesta F. (Holt) Cullen died 20161028.
Classof 1963: Barbara Ann Dublin (Alexander) 20161023.
Class of 1946: Mervyn Earl “Merv” Krause died 20161012.
Class of 1942: Lucile “Cile” (Dorsett) Chamberlain died 20161011.
Class of 1941: Zilla LaVerne (Luce) Larson-Crow died 20161007.
Class of 1989: Michael James “Mike” Coolidge died 20161024.
Class of 1938: Bettie (Quinn) Porter died 20161014.
Class of 1942: Frances LGean “Gean” Richardson died 20161007.

Class of 1948: Janelle “Jan” (Buford) Bohls died 20161006.
Class of 1947: James W. Parker died 20160924.
Class of 1959: James Lewis Cooper died 20160921.
Class of 1963: Kent M. Rider died 20160921.
Class of 1941: Jessie B. (Abney) Shelby died 20160919.
Class of 1945: Thomas Bowman Black died 20160918.
Class of 1948: Harry L. Bengtson, Jr. died 20160917.
Class of 1941: Martha Virginia (Hale) Piza died 20160915.
Class of 1953: Joe Angelo Lopez, Sr. died 20160915.
Class of 1944: RoseMarie “Rosie” (Stenson) Jones died 20160911.
Class of 1953: Carl Milton Wallace died 20160908.
Class of 1963: Joyce Ritchie Garner died 20160907.
Class of 1951: Doris (Pillans) Carlson Baker died 20160906.
Class of 1949: Joe Collis Miles, Sr. died 20160902.
Class of 1953: Lemuel “Lem” Scarbrough, Jr. died 20160901.

Class of 1944: Glen B. Quick died 20160828.
Class of 1958: Albert S. Hernandez died 20160826.
Class of 1957: Otto M. Friedrich, Jr. died 20160816.
Class of 1973: Hampden Gregory “Hampie” Han died 20160813.
Class of 1956: Joyce (Gourley) Howell died 20160809.
Class of 1948: Horace Samuel “Sonny” Wallace, Jr. died 20160806.
Class of 1947: Margaret Ann (Sanderford) Underwood died 20160730.
Class of 1977: David Eric Speer died 20160728.
Class of 1953: Robert Littlefield Buford, Jr. died 20160728.
Class of 1976: Horace Saldana, Jr. died 20160725.
Class of 1946: Jeanette (Burkhardt) Wright died 20160725.
Class of 1950: Frances Jane (Beaty) Sasser died 20160720.
Class of 1947: Noel Norman Farrer died 20160717.
Class of 1951: Jesse Liston “JL” Smith died 20160714.
Class of 1946: Frances (Bones) Batla died 20160714.
Class of 1949: William Howard “Billy” Cox died.
Class of 1954: Charlene Margaret (Anderson) Sefcik died 20160711.
Class of 1952: Estelle (Dooley) Fancher died 20160703.
Class of 1948: Jesse Thomas “Tom” Rice died 20160629.

Class of 1954: Raul Rios Mendez died 20160629.

Class of 1956: Eugenia (Mahone) Harrell died 20160626
Class of 1957: Dolores (Resendez) Carlin died 20160625.
Class of 1951: Carol (Rains) Murchison died 20160623.
Class of 1944: Bill Holland Paschall died 20160623.
Class of 1943: Lucile “Lucy”(Sutton) Baumgardner died 20160620.
Class of 1949: Ollie Mae (Sampier) Gebert died 20160609.
Class of 1965: Robert Harrell “Bobby” Seaholm died 20160604.
Class of 1960: Sutton Gibbs Page died 20160603.

Class of 1944: James Walton “J. W.” Davis, Jr. died 20160530
Class of 1940: Golda Jean (Gellman) Schmidt died 20160530.
Class of 1963: Bruce Mark Matthews died 20160528.
Class of 1946: Howard Franklin Payton died 20160524.
Class of 1957: Judith (Jones) Holden died 20160522.
Class of 1938: Bette (Schutze) McLean died 20160520

Class of 1970: Ivan Leshikar died 20160518.
Class of 1952: Nevellyn Louise (Davis) Pruitt died 20160517.
Class of 1959: Harold L. Page, Jr. died 20160511/AA-S on 0515.
Class of 1946: Gwendolyn Olive (Elwell) Westervelt died 20160510.
Class of 1949: Betty Jean (Crowder) Dodson died 20160512.
Class of 1945: Bernice “Bunce” (Symank) Kissman died 20160508.

Class of 1965: Robin Hunt died 20160428.
Class of 1974: Vivian Anne Ping died 20160420.
Class of 1956: Mary Ilene (Rees) Guthrie died 20160416.
Class of 1931: Francis (Pfaefflin) Harris died 20160404.
Class of 1948: Laura Mae (Cullen) Baker died 20160402.

Class of 1931: Janet (Wofford) Ingram died 20160329.
Class of 1947: Betty Ann (Bradfield) Cummins died 20160321.
Class of 1964: David Montgomery “Joe” Ashmore died 20160322.
Class of 1964: Doris Marie (Mims) Neal died 20160321.
Class of 1952: David Connell Parker died 20160318.
Class of 1952: Arval Wendell Bohn died 20160317.
Class of 1959: Stella (Guerrero) Rivera died 20160312.
Class of 1964: William Holland “Bill” Page died 20160309.
Class of 1943: Stanley Malcolm Berkman died 20160308.

Class of 1957: Barbara (Thompson) Evans died 20160308.
Class of 1950: Henrietta Castro Gourley died 20160308.
Class of 1956: Nicholas “Nick” Huntzis died 20160307.
Class of 1939: Helen Marjorie (Robisher) Swanson died 20160131.
Class of 1957: Jarvis Haverland died 20160125.
Class of 1950: Russell Alan Smith died 20160125.
Class of 1943: Gladys Olivia (Carlson) Hirst died 20160122.
Class of 1971: Ellen Roberta Bradley died 20160121
Class of 1943: Victor Edgar Ray died 20160117.
Class of 1943: Billie Ruth (Blackburn) Wisian died 20160117
Class of 1963: Randolph George “Randy” Mueller died 20160116.
Class of 1964: Ann Dale (Bauhof) Nachlinger died 20160113.
Class of 1940: George Ellison Morgan died 20160113.
Class of 1971: Rebecca (Clay) Bryant died 20160110.
Class of 1985: Carlos Martinez died 20160109.
Class of 1980: Kirk L. Williams died 20160104.

Dorris Parke Schrank – AHS Alumni

Dorris SchrankWe celebrate the life and gift of Dorris Parke Schrank, Mommy Dorris (D), our wonderful mother, mentor, and friend. As we think about Mommy D, the words that come to mind include loving, caring, giving, working, inspiring, and laughing. She almost made it to the age of 100, she was 99 when she peacefully went to sleep for the last time, under a beautiful full moon, on October 15, 2016. She was a retired Austin High School math teacher, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and lifelong Longhorn. She was born February 6, 1917 in Kyle, Texas. Her parents were Edna B. Hooker Parke and Oscar G Parke II. Her sister Mary B. Parke Hall is living in Tulsa, Oklahoma and she was preceded in death by her brother Oscar G. Parke III and her husband Dr. A.R. Schrank. She is survived by her son Kenton Parke Schrank MD and his wife Andrea (of Pottsboro, Texas); daughter Karon Schrank Simpson MD, and her husband J. Scott Simpson MD (of Austin, Texas); grandchildren Lt.Col. Amber E. Schrank Ritenour MD, and her husband Lt.Col. Josh Ritenour MD, Travis Parke Schrank MD, and his wife Yana Mikhaylov MD, Madison Paige Schrank, Gayle Simpson Patel MS, and her husband Niraj P. Patel MS MBA, Kristi Simpson Plotnick MHA, and her husband Jonathan D. Plotnick BA, Sean S. Simpson MS (almost MD) and his wife Abbie Arnold Simpson PA; and great grandchildren Abigail Ritenour, Caleb Ritenour, Amelia Patel, Lila Patel, and Addison Plotnick. Dorris grew up in Kyle, Texas and graduated from Texas State University, majoring in english and mathematics. Her first job was in Kerrville, Texas, as a math teacher, where she was only two years older than her students. She continued to teach math at University Junior High, in Austin, Texas, where she reconnected with and married Auline Raymond Schrank, and helped him complete his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). Dr. Schrank continued as a biology professor at UT, where he later served as the Dean of Natural Sciences. Once married, Dorris spent most of her time raising her two children and supporting UT. Later, she returned to teaching after her children were in school. She taught math including trigonometry, pre-calculus, and calculus to many of the Austin High School students for 20 years. She was a tough, but fair, teacher and challenged her many students (including her children and their friends) to do well in her advanced math classes, and then their chosen professions. She was always the kindest teacher and was loved and respected by many people. She loved her family dearly, and will be missed and remembered by them for years to come, as well as by her many friends and former students. Despite her advanced age and other challenges, Dorris continued to care for herself, home, and finances independently, until two months prior to her death. Kent, Karon, and their families would like to invite you to remember Dorris and celebrate her life with them on November 12, 2016, from 1:00 – 4:00 pm, at 16407 Kidd Lane, Austin, Texas. In lieu of flowers, contributions or memorials may be made to All Saints Episcopal Church or the UT General Scholarship Fund.

Ladies Fall Luncheon Date Change

Mark your calendars!!

AHS Ladies Fall Luncheon date has been Changed

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
11:30 to 1:30
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We Mourn the Passing Of Angie Reeve

Angie Reeve, AHS librarian for 19 years and archivist for the Hall of Honor died July 10, 2016.  We will miss her dedication for and love of her students as well as her embracing personality.  A memorial service in her honor will be held at Austin High School on September 17 at 2:00pm.

Angelica “Angie” Carone Reeve was born July 29, 1948, in Escalon California and celebrated her Heavenly birthday July 10, 2016. Her parents, Luigi Carone and Maddalena DeCarlo Carone were two Italian immigrants who came to California seeking a better life, her father a walnut and grape farmer and her mother an incredible cook, seamstress and homemaker. Angie learned English at the age of six and often got scolded by teachers for talking to her classmates during lessons. Once Angie learned how to communicate in English she wasn’t going to stop. Angie’s mother, who had quit school at fourth grade in order to care for her siblings, emphasized the importance of education, inspiring Angie to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University and a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Texas at Austin.

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