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Austin High School Alumni Association

Alumni Passings 2022

Please remember these families in your prayers:

Class of 1954: Fred Wendlandt died12/31/22.
Class of 1950 Pauline Johnson Urbanek died 12/31/22.
Class of 1948 Don Allen Stewart died 12/30/22.
Class of 1940 Robert Stanley Wright died 12/28/22.
Class of 1955 Madalyn Yvonne Bloomquist French died 12/25/22.
Class of 1948 Betty Jo Johnson died 12/20/22.
Class of 1953 Peter R. Rose died 12/19/22.
Class of 1953 Edwin Otto Arnold died 12/18/22.
Class of 1952 Barbara Ann Walker La Borde died 12/14/22.
Class of 1944 Barbara R. Raisch Long died 12/12/22.
Class of 1960: Kermit W. Fox Jr. died 12/5/22.

Class of 1966 Marjon Alicia King Christopher died 11/28/22.
Class of 1969 Patricia Ann Zotz Scott died 11/27/22.
Class of 1960 August Rudolph Motloch died 11/17/22.
Class of 1968: Lole Nunez died 11/22.
Class of 1960 Jimmy Joe Garcia died 11/14/2022.
Class of 1971: Timothy Logan died 11/13/2022.
Class of 1965: H. Philip (Flip) Whitworth died 11/10/22.
Class of 1952 Tom H. Toler died 11/9/22.
Class of 1948 Betty Joe Linch Franklin died 11/8/22.
Class of 1963: David Walter Nelson died 11/8/22.
Class of 1966 Hollis H. Horton died 11/7/22.
Class of 1988: Christian Franden died 11/7/22.
Class of 1965: Lee Hutchins “Hutch” Hubby died 11/6/22.

Class of 1942 Raymond David Luckey died 10/30/22.
Class of 1953 Laurence Eugene Linden died 10/27/22.
Class of 1962: Robert Laurence Sieck died 10/22/22.
Class of 1977: James Gilbert McCrummen died 10/23/22.
Class of 1969 Ronald E. Berry died 10/19/22.
Class of 1989: Scott Fulwiler died 10/13/22.
Class of 1971: Clifford Alan Jones died 10/13/2022.
Class of 1991: Julie Ann Foster Powell died 10/6/22.
Class of 1945 Marie Fritsch Coleman died 10/8/22.
Class of 1948: Marion Ella Prellop died 10/6/22.
Class of 1964 Paul Milton Montgomery died 10/4/22.
Class of 1954: Nelda Ann Cummins Francis died 10/4/22.

Class of 1954 Billy D. White died 9/24/22.
Class of 1962: Betty Irline Gorham Kesselus died 9/21/22.
Class of 1997 Kaci Ellen Richardson Myrick died 9/15/22.
Class of 1977 Matthew William Mcclendon died 9/14/22.

Class of 1947: Annie Louise Boyd Hitchcock died 8/31/22.
Class of 1981 Joseph Gary Willems died 8/30/22.
Class of 1982: Stuart Thomas Perry died 8/30/22.
Class of 1970: William James “Bill” Murray III died 8/28/22.
Class of 1957: Mary Margaret Wells died 8/19/22.
Class of 1949 Jimmy Kellam died 8/14/22.
Class of 1988: Christi Shores died 8/9/22.
Class of 1953: Clifton Martin Nauert died 8/9/22.
Class of 1959: Joseph Baggett Latting died 8/9/22.
Class of 1948 Bill J. Barker died 8/6/22.
Class of 1956: Charles Robert Coffey died 8/5/22.
Class of 1950 Layton Ray Buckner died 8/3/22.
Class of 1952: Mary Ann Utzman Wells died 8/1/22.

Class of 1954: Norma Jean Walsh McCullough died 7/28/22.
Class of 1977: Scott L. Schaffer died 7/25/22.
Class of 1953: James Walker Shipman jr ied 7/24/22.
Class of 1956: Doris Attal Potts died 7/24/22
Class of 1967 Jack Roberts Died 7/20/22.
Class of 1957: Milam Shelton Johnson died 7/17/11.
Class of 1963: Judy Ann Pinckard Died 7/11/22.
Class of 2008 Isaac Jose Hernandez Olivares died 7/10/22.
Class of 1957: Georganna Barrett Johnson Swenson died 7/3/22.
Class of 1948 Emily Marie Zenkner Berggren died 7/22.

Class of 1947: Evalyon Styles Jackson died 6/25/22.
Class of 1951 Betty Jean Sweet Lee died 6/22/22.
Class of 1966: Catherine “Kay” Umstattd Smith died 6/21/22.
Class of 1969 Jerry Eugene Owens died 6/20/22.
Class of 1952: Nancy Yvonne Peavy Moos died 6/14/22.
Class of 1951 Juanita Andrews Ragland died 6/14/22.
Class of 1954 Patsy Lynn Leigon Sconci died 6/10/2022.
Class of 1957 Carlos Jesse Rodriguez died 6/7/22.
Class of 1949 Carol Emmie Fugler Buckner died 6/6/22.
Class of 1955 Gail Garcia Limon died 6/2022.

Class of 1951 Mildred LaDelle Downs Barker died 5/26/22.
Class of 1961 Rachel Almanza Resendez died 5/13/22.
Class of 2002 Fernando Patina Davila died 5/3/22.
Class of 1971: Charles (Chuck) Wendlandt died 5/2/2022.

Class of 1953: Mary Sue Pace Placke died 4/18/22.
Class of 1958: Lee Mayfield died 4/15/22.
Class of 1966 Grace Marie Clark Bradley died 4/11/22.
Class of 1944: John Phillip “Jack” Schneider, M.D. died 4/11/22.
Class of 1981: Philip Eugene Sanders died 4/7/2022.
Class of 1953 Ima Nell Rippy Hill died 4/22.

Class of 1960 Raymond T. Segura died 3/31/22.
Class of 1953 Douglas Gene Peschka died 3/29/22.
Class of 1953: Carolyn Huff Womack died 3/28/22.
Class of 1958: Helen LaNell Bostic Brown died 3/27/22.
Class of 1964 Susan Elaine Joseph died 3/25/22.
Class of 1952: James F. “Jimmie” Robinson died 3/24/22.
Class of 1939 Elizabeth J. Jarmon Wilder died 3/23/22.
Class of 1963 David Lowell Estlack died 3/23/22.
Class of 1950: Marvin DeGlandon died 3/20/22.
Class of 1967: Cruz G. Garcia died 3/16/22.
Class of 1952: Jo Betsy Lewallen Szebehely died 3/16/22.
Class of 1967: Kenneth R. Denmark died 3/12/22.
Class of 1943: Ted Sousares, M.D. Died 3/2022.
Class of 1969: James Charles McNutt died 3/13/22.
Class of 1958: Gary Lee McCullough died 3/13/22.

Class of 1956 Autry “Aaron” Cluck died 2/27/22.
Class of 1970: George Anne Byfield died 2/22/22.
Class of 1948 Birnie C. Balke died 2/21/22.
Class of 1958 Minnie Marie Miles died 2/18/22.
Class of 1968: Stephen D. Forbis died 2/11/22.
Class of 1950: Addie Jo Smith Holloway died 2/10/22.
Class of 1948 Earl Lawrence Kanetzky died 2/8/22.
Class of 1964 William Henry Watson died 2/7/22.
Class of 1948: Robert Lewis Moses, Jr. died 2/1/22.

Class of 1950: Carol J. Armstrong died 1/31/22.
Class of 1942: Deloris Faye McGee Chappell died 1/27/22.
Class of 1964: Jerome Charles “Jerry” Schwab died 1/26/22.
Class of 1950: Roger Neal Ayres died 1/25/22.
Class of 1944 Douglas Calvin Dacy died 1/23/22.
Class of 1937 Eursel Lee Cooksey Reissig died 1/21/22
Class of 1960: Cathy Ziller Powell died 1/20/22.
Class of 1942: Margaret Knox died 1/20/22.
Class of 1957 Patricia A. Cline Holmes died 1/18/22.
Class of 1936: Mary Love Armacost Bailey died 1/17/22.
Class of 1952: Victor Rodriguez Sanchez died 1/14/22.
Class of 1958: Wardlow Lane died 1/13/22.
Class of 1950: David Cecil Kastner died 1/13/22.
Class of 2011: Nigel Scott Walker, Jr died 1/12/22.
Class of 1960: Margaret “Candy” Gray Becker died 1/10/22.
Class of 1950: Janette Cooksey Fluedinger died 1/7/22.
Class of 1950: Harold Edward Angell died 1/7/22.
Class of 1976 Joseph Martin Gerhardt died 1/5/22.
Class of 1960: Jo Harris Black died 1/5/22.
Class of 1944: Betty Jo Cooper Journeay died 1/4/22.
Class of 1954: John Ray Crutchfield died 1/2/22.

Julia Mellenbruch-AHS Faculty Hall of Honor Passes Away

Julia was a teacher. She spent many years teaching in the Austin Independent School District, where she taught Spanish, German, and English as a Second Language. In 1974 she was selected as the AISD teacher of the year. Following her years of teaching she served as the AISD Coordinator of Secondary Foreign Languages. She was recognized for her contributions to Austin High with her induction into their Hall of Honor in 1991.

Full obituary here: https://www.statesman.com/obituaries/p0203535

2021 Alumni Passings

Please remember the families of these AHS alumni in your prayers:

Class of 1962: Martha “Marty” Douglas Rosenfield died 12/31/21.
Class of 1957: Ronald Aubrey Cartlidge died 12/12/21.

Class of 1957: Mary Gustafson Bedrich died 11/28/21.
Class of 1958: Mike Manos died 11/8/21.
Class of 1952: George Leroy Murray died 11/19/21.

Class of 1983: Kathleen Marie Barbour Saqer died 10/30/21.
Class of 1973: John Paul Harrison died 10/26/21.
Class of 1950: Travis A. Eckert died 10/21/21.
Class of 1968: Tom Willis died10/13/21.
Class of 1957: Walter Flynn Buell, M.D. died 10/11/2021.

Class of 1952: Sonya Stenzel Fitzgerald MD died 9/21/2021.
Class of 1969: Arthur Burton died 9/2021.
Class of 1969: John Scales died 9/2021.
Class of 1945: George Wendlandt died 9/6/2021.
Class of 1953: Clifford Lamar Smith died 9/4/2021.
Class of 1970: Gary W. Schoch died 9/03/2021.
Class of 2001: Garrett Neville Wall died 9/2/2021

Class of 1970: Christie Bomar Nalle died 8/24/2021.
Class of 1969: Jeanie Cleveland Mehlhop died 8/13/2021.
Class of 1967: Vera Sue Tamminga died 2021/08/2021.

Class of 1950: Carol Conn Armstrong died 2021/07/04.
Class of 1958: John McCully died 2021/07/02.
Class of 1968: Guy D. Kingsbery died 2021/07.

Class of 1969: Tulia Neighbors McCormick died 2021/06/26.
Class of 1956: Rosalie Christine Ryden Meiske died 2021/06/21.
Class of 1965: Fred Morse died 2021/06/13.
Class of 1979: Stacy Davis died 2021/06/10.
Class of 1950: jessie Joe Jabour died 2021/06/10.
Class of 1993: Paul Rollins Woodall died 2021/06/07.
Class of 1967: Weldon Terry Graham Died 2021/06/05.

Class of 1960: Ruth Maxine “Moxie” Villarreal died 2021/05/21.
Class of 1960: Ralph Morgan Youngdale died 2021/05/10.
Class of 1970: Bette Gould Cook died 2021/05/09.
Class of 1946: Carroll G. “Sonny” Nanney , D.D. S. died 2021/05/01.

Class of 1958: Stephanie Amster died 2021/02/12.
Class of 1948: David T. Blackstock died 2021/04/30.
Class of 1950; Frank W. Bomar died 2021/04/27.
Class of 1950: Martha Ann Zuch Bengtson died 2021/04/19.

Class of 1978: Jo Leslie Ballanfonte died 2021/03/21.
Class of 1954: Etta Courtney Martin died 2021/03/14.
Class of 1943: Richard L. Hancock died 2021/03/14.
Class of 1961: William Craig Holford died 2021/03/12.
Class of 1947: Doris Jo (Stovall) Hamblin died 2021/03/10.
Class of 1964: Paul Joseph Tannous died 2021/03/07.
Class of 1951: Joe Winfred Torn died 2021/03/04.
Class of 1953: Alice Marie (Pollan) Pittman died 2021/03/01.
Class of 1950: Buddington Lycurgus Scarbrough died 2021/03/01.
Class of 1950: Micaela “Mickey” Ramirez died 2021/03.

Class of 1954: James Word Sansom, Jr. died 2021/02/27.
Class of 1960: Richard Hollie Kercheville died 2021/02/18.
Class of 1957: Shirley (Myers) Wendlandt died 2021/02/17.
Class of 1959: Billie Lorene (Weaver) Allison died 2021/02/12.
Class of 1965: Stephen A. Warren died 2021/02/02.

Class of 1989: Pablo S. Hernandez, Jr. died 20201/01/30.
Class of 1942: Nancy (Whitworth) Mueller died 2021/01/20.
Class of 1951: Basil M. Attal died 2021/01/14.
Class of 1946: Rolf Albert Goeth died 2021/01/14.
Class of 1953: John J. Anguiano died 2021/01/13.
Class of 1968: Helen Marie Joseph died 2021/01/09.
Class of 1954: Judith Ann (Barron) Cardwell died 2021/01/05.


Thank you LaFalco “Corkey” Robinson

LaFalco “Corkey” Robinson, longtime band director in the Austin school system, passed away on June 20, 2021, at the Lantana Lodge at Longhorn Village just outside of Austin, TX. Corkey was born to William Wallace and Geneva Walker Robinson on August 11, 1927 in Cooper, Texas, where he grew up and graduated from Cooper High School, playing saxophone in the high school band. When the school’s high school band director was drafted into the Armed Services, Corkey became director of the dance band, and began his career as a conductor at a very young age.
He entered The University of Texas at Austin in September 1944, where he played briefly in the Longhorn Band before entering the U.S. Navy in 1945. He attended the Navy School of Music, and was later assigned to a Navy dance band in the Pacific theater.
Following his discharge from the service in 1949, Corkey re-entered U. T. Austin in 1950 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1953 and a Master’s degree in Music Education in 1956. Later that year, Corkey became the band and orchestra director at O. Henry Junior High School in Austin. Continue reading “Thank you LaFalco “Corkey” Robinson” »


Steve Warren

We honor the life well-lived of Steve Warren, who passed peacefully on February 2, 2021 surrounded by family. He was born on May 2, 1947 in Columbia, Missouri to William S. and Betsy Avery Warren. After a brief time in Childress, Texas the family moved to Austin in 1950 where he attended Casis Elementary School, O. Henry Middle School and graduated from Austin High School.

Steve received his B.A. in English in 1969 from The University of Texas where he was also a catcher on the UT baseball team. After graduation, he enlisted in the Navy, flying F-8s in such places as Norfolk, Virginia, Beeville, Texas, Meridian, Mississippi and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as well as on a Naval carrier in the Atlantic. After completing his active duty he returned to Austin where he earned an M.A. in Education from UT while continuing to serve in the Naval Reserves.

In 1978, he came full circle, teaching English first at O. Henry Middle School and then at Austin High School. Steve was also the tennis coach for many years earning the nickname “Coach”. He was a beloved educator and coach whose influence continues to resonate in his students’ lives. Steve was inducted into the Austin High School Hall of Honor and retired from teaching in 2000, as well as retiring that same year as Captain in the United States Navy. He then began his third career as screenwriter and playwright. Continue reading “Steve Warren” »

walker copy

Gay Walker (1932-2020)

We mourn the passing of Elisha Gayland Walker, former AHS faculty alumni. Coach Walker moved to Austin in 1960 and began teaching algebra at the old AHS campus. During his tenure he also coached football, baseball and was the head basketball coach when he left AHS to join the AISD administration. Click here for current obituary


Remembering Jacquelyn McGee

Dr. Jacquelyn Ann McGee, 1946 graduate and retired principal of Stephen F. Austin High School, died Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Ms. McGee began at AHS as a teacher of English then in 1974 was appointed principal of the newly constructed Austin High School. She became the first woman in the state of Texas to serve as principal of a high school in a major urban center and led the school when it was recognized as on of only forty “outstanding high school in the United States.”

Along with recognition by many national associations, the AHS students and faculty further honored her by naming their new performance facility “The Jacquelyn McGee Performing Arts Center.”

Click this link to read the full obituary.

Thank you Alumni

I want to thank everyone who responded to my emails this week, you sent in hundreds of changes and it was a treat to hear from all of you. Thank to those of you who donated to the Alumni fund – your donations provide funding for the AHS Archives and other special projects that provide excellence at AHS. If you would like to donate simply click this link: https://ahigh.kimbia.com/aushigh

Mary Margaret Holt, Class of 1954 – $100.00
Elizabeth Stevens, Class of 1972 – $50.00
Robert Bohn, Class of 1953 – $50.00
Jay Simmons, Class of 1970 – $50.00

Time to Find out what Everyone is Doing!!!

With everyone staying home and  getting a little bored with family, maybe it is time to set up a Zoom meeting or send an email out to some of your friends from Austin High.  Wouldn’t it be great to reminisce about teachers, football, band, red jackets, red dragons, watching the World Series in the cafeteria during lunch…In the past week, I have emailed the classes of 1950-1959 asking for updated emails and contact information to be added to our loyalforever website.  Registration is free and once approved (our site is closed to the public) you will have access to email and telephone numbers for thousands of Alumni.

I’ve received an email from Jean Samples, class of 1958 and wanted to share it with you:

I know our alumni have stories of what they remember in high school (remember getting on the Red Jackets’ bus for the out of town games with so much food that Miss Herndon said we had to start eating as soon as the doors on the bus closed in order to finish everything before we got back to the school that night!? Remember the very careful measurements in the spring for our new red jackets — then when they were delivered in the fall right before the first game some of us— not me — who were more “ generously endowed” couldn’t button the top button? Remember wearing white socks over our hands when some folks forgot their gloves for the governor’s parade down Congress? Dancing at the Continental Club on South Congress?) And I’m sure most of us have neat “after graduation” stories — was anyone in NYC  or at the Pentagon on 911??

Be a part of this vibrant body of alumni, if you don’t have an account, register here:  https://www.loyalforever.com/wp-login.php?action=register

And if you would like to share a story, send it to me and I’ll post it online

Alumni Passings in 2019

As we move forward into 2020 we want to remember our classmates who died in 2019. The list below was compiled by Kaye LaGrone (class of 1964) and Ann Tucker Royal (class of 1958). I send my gratitude to them and to all who participate in keeping this database of AHS Alumni current.
Julie Sayers

Alumni Passings 2019
Class of 1960: Bill McWhorter died 20191208.
Class of 1958: Glenn Richard Dyess, died 20191227.

Class of 1945: Dorothy (Moody) Flanagan died 20191129.
Class of 1954: Sarah Alice Riley Bryce died 20191116.
Class of 1946: Robert James “Jim” Wucher died 20191116.
Class of 1946: Edward Wight died 20191107.
Class of 1956: Louise LaBauve Saxon, died 20191103.
Class of 1946: Maria del Socorro (Heflin) McCuiston died 20191102.

Class of 1953: Gerald Leroy Curry died/obit in AA-S on 1027.
Class of 1951: Joyce (Butler) Woods died 20191026.
Class of 1945: Cornelia (Lamb) Lemond died 20191023.
Class of 1942: Charles Edward Munson died 20191022.
Class of 1950: Joan Grace (Haag) Ponder died 20191014.
Class of: 1945: James (Jim) Paul Valdez died 20191010.
Class of 1961: Susan Ann “Susie” (Jewett) Valentine died 20191010.
Class of 1951: Mickey Nick Manos died 20191010.
Class of 1940: Jewell S. (Beard) Wentworth died 20191009.
Class of 1962: James Scott Erwin, known as Scott Erwin, died 20191005.
Class of 1947: Mickie Jean “Tiki” (Riley) Inks died 20191003.

Class of 1958: Ann Chiles Graham, died 20190924.
Class of 1948: Bayard Spence Wilson died 20190923.

Class of 1986: Matthew Rowland Cook died 20190830.
Class of 1949: Clarence Melvin “Mel” Stockton died 20190824.
Class of 1960: Salle Ann Dill diec 20190812.
Class of 1960: Aristedes Barrera died 20190808
Class of 1952: Janelle (Joseph) Glynn died 20190808.
Class of 1960: Tommy Joyce Williams died 20190806.
Class of 1965: Raymond Boyd Burdett died 20190801.

Class of 1935: Charles Frank Pelphrey, MD died 20190724.
Class of 1948: Patricia Ann (Cook) Moritz died 20190721.
Class of 1979: Steven Joseph Struhall died 20190717.
Class of 1956: Bridget (Hood) Anderson died 20190711.
Class of 1951: Marvin “Al” Baker, Jr. died 20190701.

Class of 1944: Billy Ballard died 20190630.
Class of 1971: Ralph Douglas Jones died 20190629.
Class of 1948: Alfred Hill Ogletree died 20190624.
Class of 1960: Alice (Marshall) Davis died 20190620.
Class of 1945: Bernice (Mobley) Mohle died 20190619.
Class of 1973: Suzanne Redwine Fischer died 20190616.
Class of 1949: Carolyn Ann (Smith) Royder died 20190615.
Class of 1963: Donald “Scotty” Thomas, Jr. died 20190613.
Class of 1953: Mary (Attal) Risica died 20190612.
Class of 1951: Joyce Elaine (Rydberg) Chaney died 20190609.
Class of 1962: Ann Christina “Tina” McGaughey died 20190607.
Class of 1950: Virginia Leafy (Fasel) McAngus died 20190605.
Class of 1989: Mark Kenneth Bohrer died 20190602.

Class of 1947: Norma Bee (Larson) Pugh died 20190530.
Class of 1954: Jerald Boyd “Jerry” Weide died 20190527.
Class of 1959: Bette (Nelson) Heinrich died 20190526.
Class of 1961: Bobby Franklin Parker died 20190523.
Class of 1944: Burford Lee “Cactus Bur” Westlund died 20190513.
Class of 1947: Andy Frank Wagner (b. 19250701) died 20190521.
Class of 1952: James N. Burke died 20190513.
Class of 1960: Wilford A. Lawrence died 20190509
Class of 1940: Mildred (Hamilton) Walston died 20190505.
Class of 1959: Daniel Faz Maldonado died 20190502.
Class of 1944: Georgia Maxine (Oyler) Childress died 20190501.
Class of 1959: Bette Nelson Heinrich died 20190525.

Class of 1958: Heinie D Pate died 20190506.
Class of 1947: Jiles Worley Jackson died 20190423.
Class of 1965: Ersalene Faye “Crickett” Chappell died 20190422.
Class of 1939: Marcella Hermine Clara (Damerau) Spiller died 20190414.
Class of 1958: Richard Page Keeton died 20190420.
Class of 1953: W. L. “Pat” Smith died 20190414.
Class of 1949: Robert Ash “Bob” Pennybacker died 20190408.
Class of 1955: Dr. Vernon eugene (Gene) Grove died 20190405.
Class of 1956: Johnny L. Voudouris died 20190403.
Class of 1951: Samuel Christopher Spiller died 20190402.
Class of 1958: Joseph Reid died 20190411.
Class of 1943: Jack Nolan Miller died 20190331.
Class of 1940: Margaret Ann (Cuthbertson) Quadlander died 20190330.
Class of 1941: Gardina Frances Holubec died 20190324.
Class of 1944: Helen Irene “Mutti” (Thoresen) Mathias died 20190323.
Class of 1952: Wallace Wilmer Archie “Wally” Thieme died 20190323.
Class of 1949: Richard Swearingen Gracy, Jr. died 20190323.
Class of 1974: Thatcher Warren Freund died 20190319.
Class of 1960: William “Bill” Mitchell Allen died 20190317.
Class of 1952: Howard Smith “Smitty” Johnson died 20190315.
Class of 1946: Billie Janice McLaren Fickel died 20190311.
Class of 1944: Peyton Osborne “P.O.” Abbott died 20190307.
Class of 1952: Jean Harling (Crawford) Kennedy died 20190305.
Class of 1966: Lynn Paul Gastinger [AHS1966] died 20190303.
Class of 1958: Mary Reagan Birdwell Brill died 20190303.

Class of 1950: William August “Bill” Felsing, Jr. died 20190224.
Class of 1960: Judy Adams Grant died 20190221.
Class of 1951: Lynwood Curtis Krause died 20190220.
Class of 1951: Carl Moore died 20190218.
Class of 1968: Mary Elizabeth “Beth” (Brice) Jones died 20190215.
Class of 1958: Beverley Sue (Ward) Stengel died 20190214.
Class of 1948: Marvin Chester Schroeder died 20190205.
Class of 1952: Buell Townsend died 20190202.

Class of 1946: Jeanne (Latham) Ragsdale died 20190129.
Class of 1944: William D. “Bill” Gaston died 20190126.
Class of 1969: Wilbert W. “Hen” Washington.
Class of 1962: Joel Saegert died 20190124.
Class of 1960: Stanley Thawley died 20190122.
Class of 1953: Frances (Brown) Allen died 20190118.
Class of 1960: Bronson Schultz died 20190115.
Class of 1943: Pauline (Hausmann) Burton died 20190114.
Class of 1947: Barbara Inez (Foster) Brawner died 20190112.
Class of 1987: Denise (Marez-Perez) Spangler died 20190110.
Class of 1957: Carol Jean (Patterson) Niemann died 20190107.
Class of 1957: Margaret Suzanne “Sue” (Cocke) Robinson died 20190105.
Class of 1948: Jo Ann “Kandy” (Canady) Fischer died 20190102.

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