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Austin High School Alumni Association

Class of 1973 50th Reunion

JUNE 23, 2023

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55th Reunion for the class of 1968

Our Class of 1968 has announced our SAVE THE DATE, 55th Reunion, Saturday, April 29, 2023 for a daytime golf tournament and an evening gathering for a buffet meal.

Julia Mellenbruch-AHS Faculty Hall of Honor Passes Away

Julia was a teacher. She spent many years teaching in the Austin Independent School District, where she taught Spanish, German, and English as a Second Language. In 1974 she was selected as the AISD teacher of the year. Following her years of teaching she served as the AISD Coordinator of Secondary Foreign Languages. She was recognized for her contributions to Austin High with her induction into their Hall of Honor in 1991.

Full obituary here: https://www.statesman.com/obituaries/p0203535

2021 Alumni Passings

Please remember the families of these AHS alumni in your prayers:

Class of 1962: Martha “Marty” Douglas Rosenfield died 12/31/21.
Class of 1957: Ronald Aubrey Cartlidge died 12/12/21.

Class of 1957: Mary Gustafson Bedrich died 11/28/21.
Class of 1958: Mike Manos died 11/8/21.
Class of 1952: George Leroy Murray died 11/19/21.

Class of 1983: Kathleen Marie Barbour Saqer died 10/30/21.
Class of 1973: John Paul Harrison died 10/26/21.
Class of 1950: Travis A. Eckert died 10/21/21.
Class of 1968: Tom Willis died10/13/21.
Class of 1957: Walter Flynn Buell, M.D. died 10/11/2021.

Class of 1952: Sonya Stenzel Fitzgerald MD died 9/21/2021.
Class of 1969: Arthur Burton died 9/2021.
Class of 1969: John Scales died 9/2021.
Class of 1945: George Wendlandt died 9/6/2021.
Class of 1953: Clifford Lamar Smith died 9/4/2021.
Class of 1970: Gary W. Schoch died 9/03/2021.
Class of 2001: Garrett Neville Wall died 9/2/2021

Class of 1970: Christie Bomar Nalle died 8/24/2021.
Class of 1969: Jeanie Cleveland Mehlhop died 8/13/2021.
Class of 1967: Vera Sue Tamminga died 2021/08/2021.

Class of 1950: Carol Conn Armstrong died 2021/07/04.
Class of 1958: John McCully died 2021/07/02.
Class of 1968: Guy D. Kingsbery died 2021/07.

Class of 1969: Tulia Neighbors McCormick died 2021/06/26.
Class of 1956: Rosalie Christine Ryden Meiske died 2021/06/21.
Class of 1965: Fred Morse died 2021/06/13.
Class of 1979: Stacy Davis died 2021/06/10.
Class of 1950: jessie Joe Jabour died 2021/06/10.
Class of 1993: Paul Rollins Woodall died 2021/06/07.
Class of 1967: Weldon Terry Graham Died 2021/06/05.

Class of 1960: Ruth Maxine “Moxie” Villarreal died 2021/05/21.
Class of 1960: Ralph Morgan Youngdale died 2021/05/10.
Class of 1970: Bette Gould Cook died 2021/05/09.
Class of 1946: Carroll G. “Sonny” Nanney , D.D. S. died 2021/05/01.

Class of 1958: Stephanie Amster died 2021/02/12.
Class of 1948: David T. Blackstock died 2021/04/30.
Class of 1950; Frank W. Bomar died 2021/04/27.
Class of 1950: Martha Ann Zuch Bengtson died 2021/04/19.

Class of 1978: Jo Leslie Ballanfonte died 2021/03/21.
Class of 1954: Etta Courtney Martin died 2021/03/14.
Class of 1943: Richard L. Hancock died 2021/03/14.
Class of 1961: William Craig Holford died 2021/03/12.
Class of 1947: Doris Jo (Stovall) Hamblin died 2021/03/10.
Class of 1964: Paul Joseph Tannous died 2021/03/07.
Class of 1951: Joe Winfred Torn died 2021/03/04.
Class of 1953: Alice Marie (Pollan) Pittman died 2021/03/01.
Class of 1950: Buddington Lycurgus Scarbrough died 2021/03/01.
Class of 1950: Micaela “Mickey” Ramirez died 2021/03.

Class of 1954: James Word Sansom, Jr. died 2021/02/27.
Class of 1960: Richard Hollie Kercheville died 2021/02/18.
Class of 1957: Shirley (Myers) Wendlandt died 2021/02/17.
Class of 1959: Billie Lorene (Weaver) Allison died 2021/02/12.
Class of 1965: Stephen A. Warren died 2021/02/02.

Class of 1989: Pablo S. Hernandez, Jr. died 20201/01/30.
Class of 1942: Nancy (Whitworth) Mueller died 2021/01/20.
Class of 1951: Basil M. Attal died 2021/01/14.
Class of 1946: Rolf Albert Goeth died 2021/01/14.
Class of 1953: John J. Anguiano died 2021/01/13.
Class of 1968: Helen Marie Joseph died 2021/01/09.
Class of 1954: Judith Ann (Barron) Cardwell died 2021/01/05.


Thank you LaFalco “Corkey” Robinson

LaFalco “Corkey” Robinson, longtime band director in the Austin school system, passed away on June 20, 2021, at the Lantana Lodge at Longhorn Village just outside of Austin, TX. Corkey was born to William Wallace and Geneva Walker Robinson on August 11, 1927 in Cooper, Texas, where he grew up and graduated from Cooper High School, playing saxophone in the high school band. When the school’s high school band director was drafted into the Armed Services, Corkey became director of the dance band, and began his career as a conductor at a very young age.
He entered The University of Texas at Austin in September 1944, where he played briefly in the Longhorn Band before entering the U.S. Navy in 1945. He attended the Navy School of Music, and was later assigned to a Navy dance band in the Pacific theater.
Following his discharge from the service in 1949, Corkey re-entered U. T. Austin in 1950 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1953 and a Master’s degree in Music Education in 1956. Later that year, Corkey became the band and orchestra director at O. Henry Junior High School in Austin. Continue reading “Thank you LaFalco “Corkey” Robinson” »


Steve Warren

We honor the life well-lived of Steve Warren, who passed peacefully on February 2, 2021 surrounded by family. He was born on May 2, 1947 in Columbia, Missouri to William S. and Betsy Avery Warren. After a brief time in Childress, Texas the family moved to Austin in 1950 where he attended Casis Elementary School, O. Henry Middle School and graduated from Austin High School.

Steve received his B.A. in English in 1969 from The University of Texas where he was also a catcher on the UT baseball team. After graduation, he enlisted in the Navy, flying F-8s in such places as Norfolk, Virginia, Beeville, Texas, Meridian, Mississippi and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as well as on a Naval carrier in the Atlantic. After completing his active duty he returned to Austin where he earned an M.A. in Education from UT while continuing to serve in the Naval Reserves.

In 1978, he came full circle, teaching English first at O. Henry Middle School and then at Austin High School. Steve was also the tennis coach for many years earning the nickname “Coach”. He was a beloved educator and coach whose influence continues to resonate in his students’ lives. Steve was inducted into the Austin High School Hall of Honor and retired from teaching in 2000, as well as retiring that same year as Captain in the United States Navy. He then began his third career as screenwriter and playwright. Continue reading “Steve Warren” »

walker copy

Gay Walker (1932-2020)

We mourn the passing of Elisha Gayland Walker, former AHS faculty alumni. Coach Walker moved to Austin in 1960 and began teaching algebra at the old AHS campus. During his tenure he also coached football, baseball and was the head basketball coach when he left AHS to join the AISD administration. Click here for current obituary

Remembering Jacquelyn McGee

Dr. Jacquelyn Ann McGee, 1946 graduate and retired principal of Stephen F. Austin High School, died Tuesday, June 2, 2020.

Ms. McGee began at AHS as a teacher of English then in 1974 was appointed principal of the newly constructed Austin High School. She became the first woman in the state of Texas to serve as principal of a high school in a major urban center and led the school when it was recognized as on of only forty “outstanding high school in the United States.”

Along with recognition by many national associations, the AHS students and faculty further honored her by naming their new performance facility “The Jacquelyn McGee Performing Arts Center.”

Click this link to read the full obituary.

Thank you Alumni

I want to thank everyone who responded to my emails this week, you sent in hundreds of changes and it was a treat to hear from all of you. Thank to those of you who donated to the Alumni fund – your donations provide funding for the AHS Archives and other special projects that provide excellence at AHS. If you would like to donate simply click this link: https://ahigh.kimbia.com/aushigh

Mary Margaret Holt, Class of 1954 – $100.00
Elizabeth Stevens, Class of 1972 – $50.00
Robert Bohn, Class of 1953 – $50.00
Jay Simmons, Class of 1970 – $50.00

Time to Find out what Everyone is Doing!!!

With everyone staying home and  getting a little bored with family, maybe it is time to set up a Zoom meeting or send an email out to some of your friends from Austin High.  Wouldn’t it be great to reminisce about teachers, football, band, red jackets, red dragons, watching the World Series in the cafeteria during lunch…In the past week, I have emailed the classes of 1950-1959 asking for updated emails and contact information to be added to our loyalforever website.  Registration is free and once approved (our site is closed to the public) you will have access to email and telephone numbers for thousands of Alumni.

I’ve received an email from Jean Samples, class of 1958 and wanted to share it with you:

I know our alumni have stories of what they remember in high school (remember getting on the Red Jackets’ bus for the out of town games with so much food that Miss Herndon said we had to start eating as soon as the doors on the bus closed in order to finish everything before we got back to the school that night!? Remember the very careful measurements in the spring for our new red jackets — then when they were delivered in the fall right before the first game some of us— not me — who were more “ generously endowed” couldn’t button the top button? Remember wearing white socks over our hands when some folks forgot their gloves for the governor’s parade down Congress? Dancing at the Continental Club on South Congress?) And I’m sure most of us have neat “after graduation” stories — was anyone in NYC  or at the Pentagon on 911??

Be a part of this vibrant body of alumni, if you don’t have an account, register here:  https://www.loyalforever.com/wp-login.php?action=register

And if you would like to share a story, send it to me and I’ll post it online

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