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Thank you to the most recent donors to the AHS Alumni Association.  These funds are used to promote excellence at AHS and provide assistance to the Hall of Honor in their endeavor to preserve artifacts in the archives. We wish to thank our newest members for their support of the Association. Memberships are $25.00 for 1 year and $250.00 for a lifetime membership.

Corinne Johnson, Class of 1973 - Lifetime Membership

Mary Lou McDaniel Ramsey, Class of 1958 – Alumni Membership

Chris Ruud, Class of 1970 – Alumni Membership

Wilson Bauer, Class of 2010 – Lifetime Membership

AHS Ladies Alumni Luncheon

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Austin Women’s Center

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In Memoriam 2017

A special thank you to Kaye LaGrone, class of 1964, for your excellence in providing this list of AHS Alumni.

Alumni Passings 2017

Class of 1953: Billy James “Bill” Cannaday died 20171231.
Class of 1957: Sergei Kabantschuk died 20171228.
Class of 1942: David Glenn Cooke, Jr. died 20171227.
Class of 1970: Gloria Ann (Candelas) Guzman died 20171225.
Class of 1948: Florence Harper (Street) Sanders died 20171222.
Class of 1952: Donald Lewis “Don” Bandy died 20171220.
Class of 1943: Fred Clark Chandler, Jr. died 20171218.
Class of 1947: Josie Ellen Champion died 20171213.
Class of 1964: Johnnie Donald “John” Nelson died 20171207.

Class of 1938: Sue Harper “Gamma” (Kone) Drake died 20171126.
Class of 1958: Patsy (Wilhelm) Barrett died 20171126.
Class of 1951: Carl Simon “Top” Rundberg died 20171124.
Class of 1943: James Arthur Sanders died 20171123.
Class of 1941: Elora Jane (Watt) Smith died 20171122.
Class of 1945: Evelyn Elise (Plumb) Kidd died 20171118.
Class of 1953: Martha Jane (Graef) Scott died 20171114.
Class of 1943: Eliseo Flores Ortega died 20171111.
Class of 1951: Einer Cordz Juul died 20171111
Class of 1950: Clara Jean “CJ” (Gresham) Sherrill died 20171109.
Class of 1940: U. S. Army (Ret.) Major Clifford “Cliff” Kies died 20171107.

Class of 1962: Margaret Sue “Peg” (Brown) Bradley died 20171025.
Class of 1946: Peggy Jean (Mullis) Ritch died 20171024.
Class of 1984: RuthAnn Brown died 20171021.
Class of 1954: Gwendolyn Yvonne (Fohn) Till died on 20171021, her 81st BD.
Class of 1948: Jean (Evans) Bunge died 20171021.
Class of 1959: Charlotte Elaine (White) Riney died 20171020.
Class of 1964: Richard G. Slaughter died 20171015.
Class of 1944: Walter John Krizov died 20171007.

Class of 1946: Raymond Lee Whitaker died 20170927.
Class of 1958: Timothy Henderson Ritter died 20170926.
Class of 1964: Hans E. “Rusty” Turley, Jr. died 20170924.
Class of 1948: John Clint Burks died 20170923.
Class of 1944: Barbara “Babs” (McAnally) Winn died 20170921.
Class of 1939: Dr. Frank M. Covert, III died 20170919.
Class of 1953: Valjean (Bryson) Dyer died 20170918.
Class of 1961: Frances Annette (Ussery) Foradory died 20170917.
Class of 1980: Jana L. Byrd died 20170915.
Class of 1934: Barbara Hope (Pillow) DeBusk died 20170910.
Class of 1945: Doris Isobel (Culpepper) Frierson died 20170909.
Class of 1953: Edwards Barham “BB” Bratton died 20170902.

Class of 1948: Katherine (Prather) Novak died 20170830.
Class of 1942: Ruthie Mae (Gathright) Presnal died 20170826.
Class of 1944: James Powers Exum died 20170825.
Class of 1939: Helen Sue (Montgomery) Osborn died 20170822.
Class of 1975: Anthony Sanchez died 20170811.
Class of 1959: Mary (Olvera) Castañon died 20170809.
Class of 1967: Don Baylor died 20170807.
Class of 1940: Jay W. Barnes, Jr. died 20170807.
Class of 1943: Arthur A. “Art” Casiraghi died 20170806.
Class of 1956: Judy Bob (Clark) Zaleski died 20170803.

Class of 1958: Carol (Farmer) McCorkle died 20170731.
Class of 2011: Anthony Quinn Ortiz, Jr. died 20170731.
Class of 1945: Vida Lucille (Mitchell) Bouldin died 20170727.
Class of 1949: Venton L. Doughtie, Jr. [AHS1949] died 20170719.
Class of 1946: Mary (DeLoney) Ogden died 20170717.
Class of 1954: James Conner Pribble died 20170716.
Class of 1977: Louise (Wilkerson) Brollier died 20170711.
Class of 1965: Mary Pat (Herring) Drummond died 20170709.
Class of 1940: Joe Mullins Randerson died on 20170708.
Class of 1942: Clara “Imogene” (Hermanson) Thompson died 20170708.
Class of 1951: Emma Lorraine (Pittsford) Frazer died 20170704.

Class of 1948: Robert L. “Bob” Burke died 20170626.
Class of 1948: Peggy Clare (Lindsay) Struhall died 20170625
Class of 1949: Sharon (Matthews) Tieman died 20170614.
Class of 1936: Isabelle (Smith) Blomdahl died 20170613.
Class of 1951: Arthur F. “Art” Cunningham died 20170613.
Class of 1968: Patton Greene Lochridge died 20170601.

Class of 1951: Joe Gene Bailey died 20170518.
Class of 1977: Dudley James “Jimmy” Simmons died 20170518.
Class of 1956: Mrs. Michael (Covey) Kittredge died 20170517.
Class of 1942: Roy Howard Miller died 20170517.
Class of 1976: Mark Fowler, Sr. died 20170512.
Class of 1948: Loyd D. Hampton died 20170510.
Class of 1961: Cynthia (Owens) McCullough died 20170506
Class of 1958: Carol Coffman Ferguson died 20170518
Class of 1947: Amparo Jaime died 20170507

Class of 1950: Louise Parmele “Lu” Johnson died 20170424.
Class of 1968: Bonnie (McFarland) Wiseman died 20170424.
Class of 1942: Jane A. (Nelson) Shive died 20170423.
Class of 1940: Patricia Jane (Harris) Hunt died 20170416.
Class of 1943: Albert Harris “Al” “Buddy” Lundstedt died 20170413.
Class of 1945: Marilyn Louise (Nauert) Almond died 20170409.
Class of 1942: Ann (Stayton) Heiligenthal Lewis died 20170407.
Class of 1961: James E. “Jim” Short died 20170407.
Class of 1980: Jon Roth Pfluger died 20170403.
Class of 1949: Margie Amy (Clinger) Ferris died 20170402.

Class of 1947: Peggy Elaine (Wilkerson) Crow died 20170324.
Class of 1962: John Paul “J. P.” Stallworth died 20170330.
Class of 1937: George Edward Strandtmann died 20170320.
Class of 1953: Eugene Charles “Gene” Urban died 20170317.
Class of 1938: Florence (Benson) Wilkerson died 20170311.
Class of 1949: Joan Lynn (Porter) Smith died 20170310.

Class of 1948: Ishmael Herrera Soto died 20170227.
Class of 1953: Carol June (Foust) died 20170227.
Class of 1949: Dorothy Ann (Whitehead) Hobbs died 20170225.
Class of 1957: Don R. McCullough died 20170217.
Class of 1950: Richard A. Moya died 20170216.
Class of 1944: Dorothy Ruth “Dita” Moore Nash died 20170215.
Class of 1940: Louise (McCall) Sherman died 20170214.
Class of 1944: Rudolph Lewis “RL” Struhall, Jr. (b. 19270310) died 20170210.
Class of 1939: Vivian (Erwin) Todd died 20170205.
Class of 1944: Louis Mecey died 20170204.
Class of 1959: Neal Avery Watt died 20170203.
Class of 1959: Neal A. Watt died 20170203
Class of 1945: Stella Jean (Oates) Lowrey died 20170202.

Class of 1961: Jane Marie (Tisdale) Lewis Wright died 20170130.
Class of 1944: William Maurice “Bill” Eklund died 20170126.
Class of 1941: Joy (Westbrook) Cook died 20170125.
Class of 1945: Rudolph E. “Rudy” Svadlenak died 20170121.
Class of 1939: Dorothy Mary (Kirschner) Burnup died 20170120.
Class of 1950: Betty Jo (Allman) Kampa died/20170115.
Class of 1996: Michael Joseph Legendre [AHS1996] died 20170115
Class of 1947: Marjorie Ellen (Green) Farrer died 20170102.
Class of 1936: Catherine (Overstreet) Corbitt died 20170101.
Class of 1940: Carolyn McKay “Carrie” (Berry) Yaryan died 20170101.
Class of 1949: Effanel “Nell” (Stovall) Miller died 20170101.


Class of 1968 Reunion on the way

Yes it will be 50 years and you need to be at the reunion Carolyn Scott and others are updating the class list and want to make sure they have your correct contact information. Please email Carolyn or register here on the Loyalforever website and let us know how to reach you. More details to follow…

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Thank you Anna Faye Teer Peterson

AHS Alumni Anna Fay Teer Peterson, age 105, passed away recently. She was a member of the class of 1929 and Anne, her daughter, is a member of the class of 1958. Upon reading her obituary I discovered an incredible fact: Mrs. Peterson was a sponsor AHS Red Jackets of AND designed the original Red Jacket uniform – the military style that I wore in the ’70’s. The maroon wool jacket, white skirt and white marching shoes and socks I remember so well. The leader of the Red Jackets during my tenure was Austin architect Emily Little who ran a tight ship! I would love to post your story about the Red Jacket in honor of Mrs. Peterson. Julie Sayers

Read obituary here

Austin High Track and Field News

Austin High School, AISD, and the Austin running community have partnered to raise funds to resurface and renovate the Austin High track and field. This initiative is a public/private partnership called “Back the Track,” and we are looking for businesses, runners, parents, and other community members to contribute to this great cause. With over 15,000 in the community using the AHS track annually, it is critical to restore the track into top shape. Visit: www.backthetrack.run for information.

Thank you Class of 2007

Several members of the class of 2007 just updated their contact information on the Loyalforever.com database. This database is the best way to keep up with classmates throughout the years. If you have not registered on the site, today is the day. It doesn’t cost a penny and you will have access to the complete database of alumni of S.F. Austin High School. Class of 2007 recent registrants:
Deena Marie Vierus
Emily Maline
Hilary Jordan
Brock Fields
Decker H. Basham
Jacquelyn Plummer Hanson
Kristin Gutierrez Cardona
Madison L. Morales
Gershen Greenberg
Rose Goodrich Harrison
Sara Pfeiffer Tzaperas
Dawnielle Castledine


Don Baylor, Class of 1967

Don Baylor, the former Major League Baseball power hitter who won a World Series championship in 1987 with the Minnesota Twins and went on to manage the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs, died Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, of cancer in his native Austin, Texas. He was 68.

Baylor had multiple myeloma, or blood cancer, according to multiple news sources.

Baylor played for the Baltimore Orioles, California Angels, and four other AL clubs: the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, and Boston Red Sox.

When the Rockies were added to the MLB along with the Florida (now Miami) Marlins during the 1993 expansion, Baylor was hired as the manager. He managed the Rockies until 1998. In 2000, he managed the Cubs for three seasons.

Donald Edward Baylor was born June 28, 1949. He played baseball and football in high school. Baseball won out.

The Orioles drafted Baylor as a second-round pick in the 1967 draft. He made his MLB debut Sept. 18, 1970, with the team. After playing for the Orioles until 1975, the outfielder was traded to the Oakland Athletics before the 1976 season.

Baylor entered free agency in 1977, signing with the Angels, where he played until 1982. He went on to play for the Yankees from 1983 to 1985, the Red Sox from 1986-to 1987, the Twins for a season in 1987, and back with the Athletics in 1988 before retiring as a player.

Baylor won a World Series ring in 1987 when he was with the Twins. He hit a home run and had three RBI during the Series.

Baylor was named an All-Star in 1979. The left fielder’s prowess as a plate-crowding power hitter earned him the Silver Slugger Award three times, in 1983, 1985, and 1986.

The Yankees shared the team’s condolences via social media.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of former Yankee Don Baylor,” the team tweeted. “He was a great man & we send our thoughts to his family & friends.” The post was accompanied by a photograph of Baylor from his playing days.

The Cubs also mourned Baylor’s death and sent condolences via Twitter “to his family and friends.”

Former Oriole player Ken Singleton tweeted, “Very sad last few days as baseball loses 2 strong leaders of the past, Darren Daulton & Don Baylor. Two old school tough baseball players.”

Daulton, the former Philadelphia Phillies legend who won the World Series in 1997 with the Marlins, died Sunday. He, too, had cancer.

Thank you Alumni

Thank you AHS Alumni for the outstanding response to our recent email. Hundreds of updates were made to contact information and many of you responded by joining the Alumni Association. These funds are used to promote excellence at AHS and provide assistance to the Hall of Honor in their endeavor to preserve artifacts in the archives. We wish to thank our newest members for their support of the Association. Memberships are $25.00 for 1 year and $250.00 for a lifetime membership.

Our newest members/renewals:

Thomas Schieffer – Lifetime Membership
Amy Allen – Alumni Membership
Lucy Hardin – Alumni Membership
Kathryn S. LaGrone – Lifetime Membership
Theresa Maldonado – Alumni Membership
Nancy Harper – Lifetime Membership
Leslie McConnico – Lifetime Membership
Brittan King – Lifetime Membership
Pam Reed – Lifetime Membership
Charles T. Rogers – Lifetime Membership
Duke Covert – Alumni Membership
Michael Hines- Alumni Membership
John David Holmes- Lifetime Membership
Meagan Thompson- Alumni Membership
Todd Hilliard- Lifetime Membership
Thomas Schieffer – Lifetime Membership
Barbara Benson-Padgett – Lifetime Membership
Dan Lundquist – Alumni Membership
Jim Davis – Alumni Membership
Michael Marks – Alumni Membership
William R. Ward – Alumni Membership
Carolyn Sparenberg Russ – Alumni Membership
Elizabeth Harper Bouffard – Lifetime Membership
Jamie Holman – Alumni Membership
Elizabeth Milburn – Lifetime Membership
Jim D. Wynn – Lifetime Membership
Mike Holloway – Lifetime Membership
Doug Fell – Alumni Membership
Joel Billingsley – Alumni Membership
Ann Pieratt – Lifetime Membership
Emily Landry – Lifetime Membership
Kate Trimble Allen – Lifetime Membership
Victoria Burgess – Alumni Membership
Glenna G. Harris – Lifetime Membership
Toni Moore – Alumni Membership
Jerry Bell – Alumni Membership

Donate your Class Ring

Austin High School is proud to claim that we have the 2nd largest class ring collection – 2nd only to Texas A&M University. We would love to add rings from missing years to the collection and need your help. Please consider donating your ring to the collection to complete the following years:
1917, 1929, 1982, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2001, 2005-17.

We send our thanks to Ty Wheeler for donating his 2001 class ring to the collection. This act of kindness and his generosity are greatly appreciated.

Contact Jenna McEachern with questions or suggestions.

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