Hall of Honor Nominations are Open

The AHS Hall of Honor is accepting nominations for future consideration by the Hall of Honor.  Your nominee could be selected to be one of the Distinguished Alumni and Honored Faculty inducted into the Hall of Honor. On this day we also honor AHS alumni Veterans, and select Seniors to be inducted into the Maroon Society.

Held each spring, Dedication Day is observed as an anniversary celebration of the 1976 dedication of the Lakeside Campus. We consider Dedication Day to be the “official birthday” of the school. The purpose of Dedication Day is to “tie the new school to the old and the past to the present.” When the school was moved to its present lakeside location – in 1975 – students created a movement known as the Hall of Honor Student Steering Committee. The work of the student committee resulted in an annual observance – Dedication Day, and a reason for an annual observance – The Austin High School Hall of Honor, a roll call of distinguished and meritorious Maroons.

Please consider nominating a member of your class by clicking on this link: https://forms.gle/bbwJpwa5W4usSSfH9 if chosen, this alumni would be honored in the Spring of 2025.

If you have questions or thoughts about this honor or the celebration please feel free to contact faculty sponsors Sara Stewart and/or Bailey McEachern or call the Austin High Library 512.414.7223

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