$26,000 Dollars!!!

$26,000. Thirteen deserving Maroons who’ve received much-needed funds to continue their education beyond the halls of Austin High.

Almost 50 years since their graduation from AHS, members of the Class of 1970 regularly and generously give to Stephen F. Austin High School Continuing Education Foundation (AHSCEF), funding scholarships for seniors who need financial assistance to go to to college or trade school. AHSCEF thanks these alums for their continued support, with special kudos to Kevin Maguire, the Foundation’s board member who spearheads the donation drive for the class.

Among the thirteen scholarships, at least four have been given in honor of deceased members of AHS ’70. Griff Andrews, Cathy Scott McElroy, Ivan Leshikar, and Brad Boring have been lovingly remembered by their classmates.

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