The PTSA Excellence Fund

The PTSA Excellence Fund was created by the Austin High PTSA in the
early 1980’s. The Excellence Fund offers parents and alums the
opportunity to make contributions that will be spent by the PTSA in the
year they are received to enrich all aspects of Austin High. The
Excellence Fund makes expenditures each year for academic, student, and
administrative activities, with priority for grants determined by i) the
number of students benefited, ii) academic achievement, iii) student
activities, and iv) administrative activities.

Contributors to the Excellence Fund may designate contributions for
specific school activities or programs at AHS. Any activity that the
PTSA could support financially may be designated by a donor to receive
the donated funds. Checks and gifts of cash are always accepted by the
Fund. Other gifts may be accepted with the approval of the PTSA. The
annual budget for the Fund generally ranges from $15,000 to $40,000.
Contributions to the Excellence Fund are tax deductible to the greatest
extent allowed by law.

The Excellence Fund Committee consists of no more than eight people each
school year. The committee always includes the PTSA President, the
immediate past PTSA President, the Treasurer, Chair, co-Chair, the
Principal, and two at-large members selected by the President and the

For more information on the Excellence Fund please contact Patti Stone
or call 695-6262.

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