Alumni Passings 2023

Class of 1969 Doug L. Baylor died 12/26/23.

Class of 1981 Martha Torres Martinez died 12/13/23.

Class of 1969 Celia Castro 12/11/23.

Class of 1952 Elizabeth “Liz” Mozelle Davis Metcalf died 12/4/23.

Class of 1956 Diane Williams died 12/1/23.

Class of 1956 Diane P. Williams died 12/1/23.

Class of 1975 Terry Caldwell died 11/16/23.

Class of 1951 Dorothy “Dottie” (Carlson) Johnson died 11/18/23.

Class of 1945 Rodney Desmond Kidd died 11/23/23.

Class of 1954 Rev. Jack D. Jordan 10/14/23.

Garnard “Skip” Morrison died 10/8/23.

Class of 1949 Frank Del Rio died 9/18/23.

Class of 1962 Crazy Carl Hickerson died 9/25/23.

Class of 1939 Dorothy Lee Self Neelley died 8/7/23.

Class of 1938 Alyce Jeanne (A.J.) Reed Rawlinson died 8/25/23.

Class of 1965 Richard Dennis Grosskopf died 8/8/23.

Class of 1957 Pacey Laves died 8/29/23.

Class of 1949 John Bernice Bell , Jr. died 7/29.23.

Class of 1952 Charles Thomas Sikes died 7/29/23.

Class of 1953 Elizabeth Jessen Zivley died at 7/27/23.

Class of 1945 Kathleen Tyler Nitschke died 7/27/23.

Class of 2002 Kimberly Jude Jackson died 7/25/23.

Class of 1953 Mike Arnold Sellers died 7/21/23.

Class of 1947 Robert Paul Joseph died 7/17/23.

Class of 1953 Nina Christine Johnson Pearson died 7/16/23.

Class of 1957 Zelda Reed Cook died 7/16/23.

Class of 1948 Marjorie Ann “Tiny” Leach died 7/13/23.

Class of 1941 Helen Carolyn FitzGerald Chapman died 7/12/23.

Class of 1947 Frank Russell Booth, Jr. died 7/9/12.

Class of 1948 Dorothy Nell (Dot) Sartin Fields died 6/18/23.

Class of 1942 Warren Stone Freund jr died 5/31/23.

Class of 1972 Michael Patrick (Mike) McKinley died 5/30/23.

Class of 1968 Gloria Walker McBride

Class of 1954 Donald Karl Hilsberg died 5/22/23.

Class of 1955 James Archer Prentice died 5/19/23.

Class of 1942 Wanda Maxine Collins died 5/12/23.

Class of 1955 Bob Newland died 5/12/23.

Class of 1942 James Alvin Morrisey died 5/9/23.

Class of 1960 Osmond Philip Breland died 5/6/23.

Class of 1960 Milton Eugene Blackstock died 5/6/23.

Class of 1947 Jean Isabelle Gardner Gray 5/5/23.

Class of 1965 Lester Lamar Lundell died 5/1/23.

Class of 1958 Sarah Haden Garrett died 4/29/23.

Class of 1946 Ruth Story Pollard died 4/27/23.

Class of 1949 Bernice Mitchell died 5/22/23.

Class of 1958 Betty Jo Sherrill Dailey died 4/20/23.

Class of 1958 Jeroldene Lee Bash Taylor Trammell died 4/15/23.

Class of 1992 Julie Avery Dees died 4/14/23.

Class of 1969 Frank E. “Scooter” Franks died 4/12/2023.

Class of 1944 Joe Alvin Pils died 4/12/23.

Class of 1951 John Leonard Burk died 4/4/23.

Class of 1970: Priscilla Denham died 3/2023.

Class of 1943: Frances Geraldine Cox Wilson died 3/31/23.

Class of 1943: James Hawley died 3/20/23.

Class of 1954: Gilbert S. “Red” Bernal died 3/16/2023.

Class of 2010: Tessa Paloma Lake died 3/15/23.

Class of 1967: Daniel Claron Brownlow died 3/14/2023.

Class of 1951: Janie Rodriguez Baldazo died 3/10/2023.

Class of 1958 Bertha Ramos Barba died 3/11/23.

Class of 1954 Ollie Elizabeth Haller Small died 3/10/2023.

Class of 1959: Federic Kelly died 3/10/23.

Class of 1956: Keith G. Rhea died 3/10/2023.

Class of 1941 Betty Jo Rumsey Shaw died 3/8/2023.

Class of 1951 Vivian Jeanette Nicholas Joseph died 3/8/23.

Class of 1948: Margaret “Peggy” Wetegrove died 3/6/2023.

Class of 1982: Paul G. Kamrath died 3/1/2023.

Class of 1958: James Thomas Chapman died 2/28/1923.

Class of 1953 Sara Jane Simpson Bauer died 2/27/23.

Class of 1973 Steve J. Ravel died 2/19/23.

Class of 1982 Albert Flores died 2/15/23.

Class of 1953 Mary Brewer Haynes died 2/6/23

Class of 1972 Rachel R. Valadez died 1/30/23.

Class of 1948: John Langford died 1/27/2023.

Class of 1959 Judy Ann Yeager Bassetti died 1/9/23

Class of 1953: Benjamin Eugene Morgan, Jr died 1/1/2023.

Alumni Passings 2022

Please remember these families in your prayers:

Class of 1954: Fred Wendlandt died12/31/22.
Class of 1950 Pauline Johnson Urbanek died 12/31/22.
Class of 1948 Don Allen Stewart died 12/30/22.
Class of 1940 Robert Stanley Wright died 12/28/22.
Class of 1955 Madalyn Yvonne Bloomquist French died 12/25/22.
Class of 1948 Betty Jo Johnson died 12/20/22.
Class of 1953 Peter R. Rose died 12/19/22.
Class of 1953 Edwin Otto Arnold died 12/18/22.
Class of 1952 Barbara Ann Walker La Borde died 12/14/22.
Class of 1944 Barbara R. Raisch Long died 12/12/22.
Class of 1960: Kermit W. Fox Jr. died 12/5/22.

Class of 1966 Marjon Alicia King Christopher died 11/28/22.
Class of 1969 Patricia Ann Zotz Scott died 11/27/22.
Class of 1960 August Rudolph Motloch died 11/17/22.
Class of 1968: Lole Nunez died 11/22.
Class of 1960 Jimmy Joe Garcia died 11/14/2022.
Class of 1971: Timothy Logan died 11/13/2022.
Class of 1965: H. Philip (Flip) Whitworth died 11/10/22.
Class of 1952 Tom H. Toler died 11/9/22.
Class of 1948 Betty Joe Linch Franklin died 11/8/22.
Class of 1963: David Walter Nelson died 11/8/22.
Class of 1966 Hollis H. Horton died 11/7/22.
Class of 1988: Christian Franden died 11/7/22.
Class of 1965: Lee Hutchins “Hutch” Hubby died 11/6/22.

Class of 1942 Raymond David Luckey died 10/30/22.
Class of 1953 Laurence Eugene Linden died 10/27/22.
Class of 1962: Robert Laurence Sieck died 10/22/22.
Class of 1977: James Gilbert McCrummen died 10/23/22.
Class of 1969 Ronald E. Berry died 10/19/22.
Class of 1989: Scott Fulwiler died 10/13/22.
Class of 1971: Clifford Alan Jones died 10/13/2022.
Class of 1991: Julie Ann Foster Powell died 10/6/22.
Class of 1945 Marie Fritsch Coleman died 10/8/22.
Class of 1948: Marion Ella Prellop died 10/6/22.
Class of 1964 Paul Milton Montgomery died 10/4/22.
Class of 1954: Nelda Ann Cummins Francis died 10/4/22.

Class of 1954 Billy D. White died 9/24/22.
Class of 1962: Betty Irline Gorham Kesselus died 9/21/22.
Class of 1997 Kaci Ellen Richardson Myrick died 9/15/22.
Class of 1977 Matthew William Mcclendon died 9/14/22.

Class of 1947: Annie Louise Boyd Hitchcock died 8/31/22.
Class of 1981 Joseph Gary Willems died 8/30/22.
Class of 1982: Stuart Thomas Perry died 8/30/22.
Class of 1970: William James “Bill” Murray III died 8/28/22.
Class of 1957: Mary Margaret Wells died 8/19/22.
Class of 1949 Jimmy Kellam died 8/14/22.
Class of 1988: Christi Shores died 8/9/22.
Class of 1953: Clifton Martin Nauert died 8/9/22.
Class of 1959: Joseph Baggett Latting died 8/9/22.
Class of 1948 Bill J. Barker died 8/6/22.
Class of 1956: Charles Robert Coffey died 8/5/22.
Class of 1950 Layton Ray Buckner died 8/3/22.
Class of 1952: Mary Ann Utzman Wells died 8/1/22.

Class of 1954: Norma Jean Walsh McCullough died 7/28/22.
Class of 1977: Scott L. Schaffer died 7/25/22.
Class of 1953: James Walker Shipman jr ied 7/24/22.
Class of 1956: Doris Attal Potts died 7/24/22
Class of 1967 Jack Roberts Died 7/20/22.
Class of 1957: Milam Shelton Johnson died 7/17/11.
Class of 1963: Judy Ann Pinckard Died 7/11/22.
Class of 2008 Isaac Jose Hernandez Olivares died 7/10/22.
Class of 1957: Georganna Barrett Johnson Swenson died 7/3/22.
Class of 1948 Emily Marie Zenkner Berggren died 7/22.

Class of 1947: Evalyon Styles Jackson died 6/25/22.
Class of 1951 Betty Jean Sweet Lee died 6/22/22.
Class of 1966: Catherine “Kay” Umstattd Smith died 6/21/22.
Class of 1969 Jerry Eugene Owens died 6/20/22.
Class of 1952: Nancy Yvonne Peavy Moos died 6/14/22.
Class of 1951 Juanita Andrews Ragland died 6/14/22.
Class of 1954 Patsy Lynn Leigon Sconci died 6/10/2022.
Class of 1957 Carlos Jesse Rodriguez died 6/7/22.
Class of 1949 Carol Emmie Fugler Buckner died 6/6/22.
Class of 1955 Gail Garcia Limon died 6/2022.

Class of 1951 Mildred LaDelle Downs Barker died 5/26/22.
Class of 1961 Rachel Almanza Resendez died 5/13/22.
Class of 2002 Fernando Patina Davila died 5/3/22.
Class of 1971: Charles (Chuck) Wendlandt died 5/2/2022.

Class of 1953: Mary Sue Pace Placke died 4/18/22.
Class of 1958: Lee Mayfield died 4/15/22.
Class of 1966 Grace Marie Clark Bradley died 4/11/22.
Class of 1944: John Phillip “Jack” Schneider, M.D. died 4/11/22.
Class of 1981: Philip Eugene Sanders died 4/7/2022.
Class of 1953 Ima Nell Rippy Hill died 4/22.

Class of 1960 Raymond T. Segura died 3/31/22.
Class of 1953 Douglas Gene Peschka died 3/29/22.
Class of 1953: Carolyn Huff Womack died 3/28/22.
Class of 1958: Helen LaNell Bostic Brown died 3/27/22.
Class of 1964 Susan Elaine Joseph died 3/25/22.
Class of 1952: James F. “Jimmie” Robinson died 3/24/22.
Class of 1939 Elizabeth J. Jarmon Wilder died 3/23/22.
Class of 1963 David Lowell Estlack died 3/23/22.
Class of 1950: Marvin DeGlandon died 3/20/22.
Class of 1967: Cruz G. Garcia died 3/16/22.
Class of 1952: Jo Betsy Lewallen Szebehely died 3/16/22.
Class of 1967: Kenneth R. Denmark died 3/12/22.
Class of 1943: Ted Sousares, M.D. Died 3/2022.
Class of 1969: James Charles McNutt died 3/13/22.
Class of 1958: Gary Lee McCullough died 3/13/22.

Class of 1956 Autry “Aaron” Cluck died 2/27/22.
Class of 1970: George Anne Byfield died 2/22/22.
Class of 1948 Birnie C. Balke died 2/21/22.
Class of 1958 Minnie Marie Miles died 2/18/22.
Class of 1968: Stephen D. Forbis died 2/11/22.
Class of 1950: Addie Jo Smith Holloway died 2/10/22.
Class of 1948 Earl Lawrence Kanetzky died 2/8/22.
Class of 1964 William Henry Watson died 2/7/22.
Class of 1948: Robert Lewis Moses, Jr. died 2/1/22.

Class of 1950: Carol J. Armstrong died 1/31/22.
Class of 1942: Deloris Faye McGee Chappell died 1/27/22.
Class of 1964: Jerome Charles “Jerry” Schwab died 1/26/22.
Class of 1950: Roger Neal Ayres died 1/25/22.
Class of 1944 Douglas Calvin Dacy died 1/23/22.
Class of 1937 Eursel Lee Cooksey Reissig died 1/21/22
Class of 1960: Cathy Ziller Powell died 1/20/22.
Class of 1942: Margaret Knox died 1/20/22.
Class of 1957 Patricia A. Cline Holmes died 1/18/22.
Class of 1936: Mary Love Armacost Bailey died 1/17/22.
Class of 1952: Victor Rodriguez Sanchez died 1/14/22.
Class of 1958: Wardlow Lane died 1/13/22.
Class of 1950: David Cecil Kastner died 1/13/22.
Class of 2011: Nigel Scott Walker, Jr died 1/12/22.
Class of 1960: Margaret “Candy” Gray Becker died 1/10/22.
Class of 1950: Janette Cooksey Fluedinger died 1/7/22.
Class of 1950: Harold Edward Angell died 1/7/22.
Class of 1976 Joseph Martin Gerhardt died 1/5/22.
Class of 1960: Jo Harris Black died 1/5/22.
Class of 1944: Betty Jo Cooper Journeay died 1/4/22.
Class of 1954: John Ray Crutchfield died 1/2/22.

Julia Mellenbruch-AHS Faculty Hall of Honor Passes Away

Julia was a teacher. She spent many years teaching in the Austin Independent School District, where she taught Spanish, German, and English as a Second Language. In 1974 she was selected as the AISD teacher of the year. Following her years of teaching she served as the AISD Coordinator of Secondary Foreign Languages. She was recognized for her contributions to Austin High with her induction into their Hall of Honor in 1991.

Full obituary here:

2021 Alumni Passings

Please remember the families of these AHS alumni in your prayers:

Class of 1962: Martha “Marty” Douglas Rosenfield died 12/31/21.
Class of 1957: Ronald Aubrey Cartlidge died 12/12/21.

Class of 1957: Mary Gustafson Bedrich died 11/28/21.
Class of 1958: Mike Manos died 11/8/21.
Class of 1952: George Leroy Murray died 11/19/21.

Class of 1983: Kathleen Marie Barbour Saqer died 10/30/21.
Class of 1973: John Paul Harrison died 10/26/21.
Class of 1950: Travis A. Eckert died 10/21/21.
Class of 1968: Tom Willis died10/13/21.
Class of 1957: Walter Flynn Buell, M.D. died 10/11/2021.

Class of 1952: Sonya Stenzel Fitzgerald MD died 9/21/2021.
Class of 1969: Arthur Burton died 9/2021.
Class of 1969: John Scales died 9/2021.
Class of 1945: George Wendlandt died 9/6/2021.
Class of 1953: Clifford Lamar Smith died 9/4/2021.
Class of 1970: Gary W. Schoch died 9/03/2021.
Class of 2001: Garrett Neville Wall died 9/2/2021

Class of 1970: Christie Bomar Nalle died 8/24/2021.
Class of 1969: Jeanie Cleveland Mehlhop died 8/13/2021.
Class of 1967: Vera Sue Tamminga died 2021/08/2021.

Class of 1950: Carol Conn Armstrong died 2021/07/04.
Class of 1958: John McCully died 2021/07/02.
Class of 1968: Guy D. Kingsbery died 2021/07.

Class of 1969: Tulia Neighbors McCormick died 2021/06/26.
Class of 1956: Rosalie Christine Ryden Meiske died 2021/06/21.
Class of 1965: Fred Morse died 2021/06/13.
Class of 1979: Stacy Davis died 2021/06/10.
Class of 1950: jessie Joe Jabour died 2021/06/10.
Class of 1993: Paul Rollins Woodall died 2021/06/07.
Class of 1967: Weldon Terry Graham Died 2021/06/05.

Class of 1960: Ruth Maxine “Moxie” Villarreal died 2021/05/21.
Class of 1960: Ralph Morgan Youngdale died 2021/05/10.
Class of 1970: Bette Gould Cook died 2021/05/09.
Class of 1946: Carroll G. “Sonny” Nanney , D.D. S. died 2021/05/01.

Class of 1958: Stephanie Amster died 2021/02/12.
Class of 1948: David T. Blackstock died 2021/04/30.
Class of 1950; Frank W. Bomar died 2021/04/27.
Class of 1950: Martha Ann Zuch Bengtson died 2021/04/19.

Class of 1978: Jo Leslie Ballanfonte died 2021/03/21.
Class of 1954: Etta Courtney Martin died 2021/03/14.
Class of 1943: Richard L. Hancock died 2021/03/14.
Class of 1961: William Craig Holford died 2021/03/12.
Class of 1947: Doris Jo (Stovall) Hamblin died 2021/03/10.
Class of 1964: Paul Joseph Tannous died 2021/03/07.
Class of 1951: Joe Winfred Torn died 2021/03/04.
Class of 1953: Alice Marie (Pollan) Pittman died 2021/03/01.
Class of 1950: Buddington Lycurgus Scarbrough died 2021/03/01.
Class of 1950: Micaela “Mickey” Ramirez died 2021/03.

Class of 1954: James Word Sansom, Jr. died 2021/02/27.
Class of 1960: Richard Hollie Kercheville died 2021/02/18.
Class of 1957: Shirley (Myers) Wendlandt died 2021/02/17.
Class of 1959: Billie Lorene (Weaver) Allison died 2021/02/12.
Class of 1965: Stephen A. Warren died 2021/02/02.

Class of 1989: Pablo S. Hernandez, Jr. died 20201/01/30.
Class of 1942: Nancy (Whitworth) Mueller died 2021/01/20.
Class of 1951: Basil M. Attal died 2021/01/14.
Class of 1946: Rolf Albert Goeth died 2021/01/14.
Class of 1953: John J. Anguiano died 2021/01/13.
Class of 1968: Helen Marie Joseph died 2021/01/09.
Class of 1954: Judith Ann (Barron) Cardwell died 2021/01/05.


Steve Warren

We honor the life well-lived of Steve Warren, who passed peacefully on February 2, 2021 surrounded by family. He was born on May 2, 1947 in Columbia, Missouri to William S. and Betsy Avery Warren. After a brief time in Childress, Texas the family moved to Austin in 1950 where he attended Casis Elementary School, O. Henry Middle School and graduated from Austin High School.

Steve received his B.A. in English in 1969 from The University of Texas where he was also a catcher on the UT baseball team. After graduation, he enlisted in the Navy, flying F-8s in such places as Norfolk, Virginia, Beeville, Texas, Meridian, Mississippi and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as well as on a Naval carrier in the Atlantic. After completing his active duty he returned to Austin where he earned an M.A. in Education from UT while continuing to serve in the Naval Reserves.

In 1978, he came full circle, teaching English first at O. Henry Middle School and then at Austin High School. Steve was also the tennis coach for many years earning the nickname “Coach”. He was a beloved educator and coach whose influence continues to resonate in his students’ lives. Steve was inducted into the Austin High School Hall of Honor and retired from teaching in 2000, as well as retiring that same year as Captain in the United States Navy. He then began his third career as screenwriter and playwright. Continue reading “Steve Warren” »

Hayden Bowers Scholarship Fund

By way of background, as you may know, each year friends and family of Hayden Bowers meet to celebrate his memory at the Hayden Bowers Classic flag football tournament. Recently, a number of us have discussed our desire to honor him in a more permanent way. While the tournament is certainly a meaningful and fun event we hope to continue, we want to honor his life and empower our memories of him long after our legs give out. In conjunction with his Ten-Year High School Reunion, and with the support of the Bowers family, we have finally made this a reality.

It is with this background, honor, and excitement that we get to announce our partnership with Austin Community Foundation in forming the Hayden Bowers Memorial Scholarship Fund. The Hayden Bowers Memorial Scholarship Fund is created to honor the memory of Hayden Bowers, and to help future Maroons pursue their dreams. As a 2008 graduate of S.F. Austin High, Hayden was an exemplary student-athlete in multiple sports, as well as a well-respected member of the community.  A leader, on and off the field, Hayden displayed great character and left a lasting impact on all who knew him.  This is an annual scholarship that will be awarded to a graduating student-athlete from S.F. Austin High who has displayed exceptional community leadership and citizenship.

Upcoming Goals:

  • Raise $100,000 to create an endowment fund awarding $4,000 in annual scholarships to Austin High student-athletes in perpetuity.
  • Select a 2019 graduating Maroon for the first ever Hayden Bowers Memorial Scholarship.  An Advisory Committee, which includes representatives from the Bowers family and Austin High’s faculty and athletic department, will utilize pre-set scholarship criteria to review and select scholarship candidates.

Please join us in honoring the memory of our great friend Hayden Bowers by making a contribution to this scholarship fund. Your donation will provide meaningful support for future generations of Austin High Maroons.

If you wish to donate the link is: or by mailing a check to Austin Community Foundation, ATTN: Hayden Bowers Memorial Scholarship Fund, 4315 Guadalupe Street, Suite 300, Austin, Texas 78751. For more information, you may email us at

James Page
Mark Buchanan
Wilson Albright
Chris Shinaberry


Don Baylor, Class of 1967

Don Baylor, the former Major League Baseball power hitter who won a World Series championship in 1987 with the Minnesota Twins and went on to manage the Colorado Rockies and Chicago Cubs, died Monday, Aug. 7, 2017, of cancer in his native Austin, Texas. He was 68.

Baylor had multiple myeloma, or blood cancer, according to multiple news sources.

Baylor played for the Baltimore Orioles, California Angels, and four other AL clubs: the Oakland Athletics, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, and Boston Red Sox.

When the Rockies were added to the MLB along with the Florida (now Miami) Marlins during the 1993 expansion, Baylor was hired as the manager. He managed the Rockies until 1998. In 2000, he managed the Cubs for three seasons.

Donald Edward Baylor was born June 28, 1949. He played baseball and football in high school. Baseball won out.

The Orioles drafted Baylor as a second-round pick in the 1967 draft. He made his MLB debut Sept. 18, 1970, with the team. After playing for the Orioles until 1975, the outfielder was traded to the Oakland Athletics before the 1976 season.

Baylor entered free agency in 1977, signing with the Angels, where he played until 1982. He went on to play for the Yankees from 1983 to 1985, the Red Sox from 1986-to 1987, the Twins for a season in 1987, and back with the Athletics in 1988 before retiring as a player.

Baylor won a World Series ring in 1987 when he was with the Twins. He hit a home run and had three RBI during the Series.

Baylor was named an All-Star in 1979. The left fielder’s prowess as a plate-crowding power hitter earned him the Silver Slugger Award three times, in 1983, 1985, and 1986.

The Yankees shared the team’s condolences via social media.

“We are deeply saddened by the passing of former Yankee Don Baylor,” the team tweeted. “He was a great man & we send our thoughts to his family & friends.” The post was accompanied by a photograph of Baylor from his playing days.

The Cubs also mourned Baylor’s death and sent condolences via Twitter “to his family and friends.”

Former Oriole player Ken Singleton tweeted, “Very sad last few days as baseball loses 2 strong leaders of the past, Darren Daulton & Don Baylor. Two old school tough baseball players.”

Daulton, the former Philadelphia Phillies legend who won the World Series in 1997 with the Marlins, died Sunday. He, too, had cancer.

Donate your Class Ring

Austin High School is proud to claim that we have the 2nd largest class ring collection – 2nd only to Texas A&M University. We would love to add rings from missing years to the collection and need your help. Please consider donating your ring to the collection to complete the following years:
1917, 1929, 1982, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2001, 2005-17.

We send our thanks to Ty Wheeler for donating his 2001 class ring to the collection. This act of kindness and his generosity are greatly appreciated.

Contact Jenna McEachern with questions or suggestions.

Oh, What a Weekend!

On Friday, ten of us met up at Austin High for Dedication Day, which was a great way to kick off the weekend and an even better reminder that we are part of an incredible community of individuals who are Loyal Forever. The oldest graduate recognized left Austin High in 1935 and there was a fifth generation Austin High student in the crowd!

Then, on Friday night, we took over the second floor at the Tavern. We ate, we drank, we laughed and we laughed some more before we overheard Josh Williams say, “Bring it in, bring it in” and we called it a night.

The main event on Saturday night at Alta’s was simply amazing. We sold 108 tickets — more than for the 10 year! Folks came in town from places like Colorado, Pennsylvania and North Carolina just to attend. Michael Swail’s place on Town Lake was the perfect spot to convene, and the food was delicious. From the playlist put together by Dave Cardiel to the photobooth to the door prizes (we narrowly avoided a riot over the bottle service gift certificates for Palazio, donated by General Manager Bobby Rinehart) to the loud buzz of everyone catching up, we all agreed that the evening went by too quickly.

Many of us headed over to Javelina’s afterwards, where some of us complained about how our backs and feet hurt and where we looked for a place to sit down (and, yes, where we easily blended in with the 20-somethings!) As great of a time as we had, we really missed everyone who couldn’t make it, for whatever reason. Here’s a link to the slideshow with over 200 photos from way back, today and the reunion weekend

Loyal Forever!

About Us – How Old Are We?

By Brian Schenk, AHS Archivist*

Stephen F. Austin High School is the “oldest, continuing, tax-supported, locally controlled, public high school in Texas” making it one of the oldest in Texas but not the oldest west of the Mississippi! Sixty-six students, 39 girls and 27 boys attended our first day on September 12, 1881. Continue reading “About Us – How Old Are We?” »

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