Mineola Page Grumbles

AHS graduate, class of 1929, and former teacher Mineola Grumbles died on Sunday, July 4, 2010. Those who knew her knew a person who enjoyed many things throughout her life. She taught piano and organ, taught in Austin public schools, taught Sunday school, was a member of NARFE and ADK in which she held several offices, and knitted caps. The 400-500 caps she knitted each year went to mission groups all over the world and to people in Austin who needed warm caps. She loved her church, Hyde Park Baptist, and especially the people in the senior adult department. She was truly a loving, compassionate person who loved her Lord and her family.

She will be greatly missed at Dedication Day next year. The roll call for the class of 29 always drew applause from the crowd and a lovely smile from Mrs. Grumbles.

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